Antismog Opacimeter 01-MP-0.1
Antismog Opacimeter 01-MP-0.1
antismog-mp-01 opacimetre-01
Antismog Opacimeter 01-MP-0.1
antismog-mp-01 opacimetre-02


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Perhaps the most portable, simpliest and robust opacimeter available


Light and extremely portable. Weights only 400 grams. Packs into a 50 x 20 x 5 cm carrier bag.

Mechanics can use all day long, without getting tired or losing focus. Can be easily carried from site to site for mobile mechanics.

Long battery life. Easily accessible optics.

Maximum productivity and minimum interruptions.

Auto zero-calibration on every power cycle. Robust: can measure even the dirtiest of exhaust gases.

Even on the busiest of days, just wipe off the soot from the optical sensor, power-cycle, and continue operation. Reliable measurements without loss of time.

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