Recharge d’électrolyte 5 L


Lab-quality KOH electrolyte refill. “Fill and forget” until the next top-up reminder.

Compatible with all ANTISMOG hydrogen machines.

Ensures the longest equipment life span and maximum electrolyser efficiency.

UGS : EL-5-L Catégories : , , Étiquettes : , , , ,


Only the highest purity caustic potash aka potassium hydroxide aka KOH flakes, together with industrial-grade distilled water, are used to manufacture authentic ANTISMOG electrolyte. ISO 9001 quality control adhered to at all stages, from sourcing, to manufacturing, to shipment.

Safety certificate issued by top brands: MAERSK, ARCANE INDUSTRIES, BASF, etc. Applicable standards: CAS number 1310-58-3, CE reference 215-181-3.

Enhanced features such as electrolyte concentration auto-balancing and foam prevention through the addition of microdoses of auxiliary components: auto-regulators and antifoaming agents.


Prolonged life of the electrolyser cell components. Coherent, repeatable electrolyser performance, such as HHO gas output rate and electrolyser efficiency.

Consistent product quality ensured by world-famous brands and their tried and tested in-house quality control systems.

Electrolyser cell performance remains consistent in broad ambient conditions range, independent from daily or seasonal temperature and humidity fluctuations. The electrolyte specs is self-adjusting with each refill!


  • Bottle: PET
  • Cap: HDPE
  • Label: laminated self-adhesive paper
  • Shrink-wrapped for secure transportation
  • Packaging adapted for express shipment worldwide


  • CAS number: 1310-58-3
  • CE safety standard: 215-181-3
  • Food additive number (E525)
  • Metal corrosion, Category 1, H290
  • Skin corrosion, Category 1A, H314
  • REACH number: 01-2119487136-33-XXXX
  • Working temperature range -20 / +70 deg C
  • Always use personal protective equipment (PPE)!


  • Initial electrolyser cell charge: 13%-14%
  • Periodic top-up electrolyser cell: 1%-5% auto-regulated
  • Anti-foaming agent
  • Suitable for bubbler and electrolyser cell top-up
  • Store in a cool, ventilated place away from direct sunlight
  • Molar mass: 56.11 g/mol
  • Water solubility: 1,130 g/l at 20 deg C
  • Attention: exothermic dissolution process with water!


  • For vehicle applications: 5-litre refill equals 5 years of driving (100,000 km) approximately
  • For carbon-cleaning, genset or mechanisms applications: 5-litre refill equals 2,500-5,000 working hours approximately
  • Shelf life is not limited
  • Once opened, use the electrolyte within 2 years


  • Payment options:
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Cheque
  • Cash


  • Advance payment required
  • Delivery term 1-2 weeks after receipt of payment
  • Shipment at cost within the EU 27 states + Switzerland + the UK
  • Shipment to other destinations quoted separately at the time of order

Causes of engine carbon deposits buildup and benefits of hydrogen treatment

Common causes of carbon deposits

  • Poor quality fuel
  • Prolonged driving in start-and-stop traffic
  • Prolonged idling
  • Short journeys with a cold engine
  • Overconsumption of lubricating oil (oil in fuel)
  • Worn our fuel injectors
  • Lack of DPF regeneration, or incomplete DPF regeneration sequence

Benefits of hydrogen-boost technology

  • Smoother running engine
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased engine longevity
  • Lower emissions
  • Lower running costs (elimination of problems with EGR valve, catalyst, DPF)

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