Influence de la charge électrique sur les performances d’une usine composite de production d’hydrogène à partir de SER et sa conversion en électricité

The analysis here presented investigates the influence of electrical load on the operational performances of a plant for hydrogen production from solar energy and its conversion in electricity via a fuel cell. Results allow interesting conclusions regarding the plant operation to be drawn. The study could have a remarkable role in supporting further research activities aimed at the assessment of the optimal configuration of this type of pioneering plant, designed for feeding electrical loads, possibly, in a self-sufficient way.


The plant is currently under construction, in Reggio Calabria (Italy), at the site of the Mediterranean university campus; it is composed of a Renewable Energy Source (RES)section (photovoltaic panels), a hydrogen production section, and a fuel cell power section feeding the electrical energy demand of the load. Two different load configurations have been analysed and simulations have been carried out through Homer(TM) simulation code.


hydrogen production; photovoltaic systems; fuel cell; electrical load

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