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ANTISMOG is an open-source process to reliably measure and reduce air pollution from combustion engines.

Air pollution from combustion engines is a significant cause of human diseases, suffering, and premature deaths. While the transition in Mobility and Energy sectors towards low-emission technologies is on-going, ANTISMOG offer a practical, transparent and replicable process, build entirely with solutions available today.

Fleet Owners

If you are a fleet owner or operator, and want to discover how ANTISMOG can help you achieve these three objectives:

[1] reduce missions
[2] lower maintenance cost
[3] improve fuel efficiency

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Garage Owners

For garage owners, ANTISMOG offers these benefits:

[1] increased garage revenue, without additional manhours
[2] additional Eco activity in your offering
[3] higher customer retention, based on preventive maintenance concept

Learn about the technical and commercial aspects of our Active Hydrogen Carbon-Cleaning offering by clicking the button below:

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    She received the full treatment before she went up, so she should be good for another 10,000 km or so :)

    It’s much harder to do electrolysis on Mars we are told.

    Bon voyage #Perseverance!

    [FAQ] What are the variables indicative of the efficacy of the carbon-cleaning by hydrogen?

    * Exhaust gases opacity at idle, in m^-1
    * Exhaust gases opacity at 3000 rpm, in m^-1
    * DPF backpressure, in KPa or mbar

    #diesel #filtreaparticules #decalaminage

    ANTISMOG aujourd'hui et demain participe à défi #DRIMinSaclay, hébergé par le centre R&D de Renault
    Il y a plusieurs autres startups sélectionnées pour cet événement. Au plaisir de partager nos idées et d'apprendre des meilleurs innovateurs de l'industrie.

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