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ANTISMOG is an open-source process to reliably measure and reduce air pollution from combustion engines.

Air pollution from combustion engines is a significant cause of human diseases, suffering, and premature deaths. While the transition in Mobility and Energy sectors towards low-emission technologies is on-going, ANTISMOG offers a practical, transparent and replicable process, build entirely with solutions available today.

Fleet Owners

For fleet owners and operators, ANTISMOG delivers these three tangible, measurable benefits:

[1] reduced emissions
[2] lower maintenance costs
[3] improved fuel efficiency

Your free initial consultation includes our open-source model adjusted for your specific case:

Free Consultation

Garage Owners

For automotive service garage owners, ANTISMOG delivers these benefits:

[1] increased garage revenue, without additional manhours
[2] additional Eco activity in your offering
[3] higher customer retention, based on preventive maintenance concept

Learn about the technical and commercial aspects of our Active Hydrogen Carbon-Cleaning offering:

Active Hydrogen Carbon-Cleaning

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