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ANTISMOG is an open-source process to reliably measure and reduce air pollution from combustion engines.

Air pollution from combustion engines is a significant cause of human diseases, suffering, and premature deaths. While the transition in Mobility and Energy sectors towards low-emission technologies is on-going, ANTISMOG offer a practical, transparent and replicable process build entirely with solutions available today.


Access to free, open-source documents, such as project planning sheets, fleet selection criteria, risk mitigation tables, and other resources to help reduce the effects of air pollution on human health.

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Dieselgate: 5 Years Later. Antismog insists on having "before" and "after" emissions measurements.

Le châssis est le cœur de l'appareil, son squelette pour ainsi dire.
* Structure en acier solide;
* Traitement de surface sans empreintes digitales;
* Dimensions 95 x 54 x 48 cm ;
Fondation solide. Réduction des émissions par Antismog.
Image: Paula Morin - Unsplash

Un avion de chasse a créé un grand « badaboom » sur Paris il y a quelques jours.

Mais la machine ANTISMOG, n'explosera pas, car elle a plusieurs niveaux de protection.

Fonctionnement calme assuré par la technologie Antismog.

Image credit: Peter Miszak - Unsplash

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