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ANTISMOG is an open-source process to reliably measure and reduce air pollution from combustion engines.

Air pollution from combustion engines is a significant cause of human diseases, suffering, and premature deaths. While the transition in Mobility and Energy sectors towards low-emission technologies is on-going, ANTISMOG offer a practical, transparent and replicable process, build entirely with solutions available today.


Access to free, open-source documents, such as project planning sheets, fleet selection criteria, risk mitigation tables, case studies, etc. to help reduce the effects of air pollution on human health.

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FAQ: What solutions are offered by Antismog?
Antismog reduces pollution from diesel engines.
Using hydrogen, we can make the existing equipment pollute less.
To our clients, we offer three tangible benefits:
-Reduced emissions
-Improved fuel efficiency
-Lower maintenance cost

Nous commençons les tests sur le terrain de nos derniers prototypes prêts pour la production de décalaminage.

Les captures d'écran montrent le delta-P avant le décalaminage à 0,77 kPa, et après le décalaminage à 0,32 kPa. Cette réduction de 58% a été obtenue au cours de 45 min.

This Australian HGV had its engine treated by Antismog C-600 carbon-cleaner recently 🦾
(File source: Reddit)

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