The concept of preventive maintenance becomes the top of the agenda for more and more of ANTISMOG’s Clients. Both modern international and traditional family-owned enterprises look for tools and methodologies to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), and to maximise the return on their assets. Hydrogen premix technologies, developed by ANTISMOG, successfully used in the portfolio of preventive maintenance techniques deployed by ANTISMOG’s Clients. Many clients turn to hydrogen premix technology as part of their preventive maintenance routine.

ANTISMOG primarily serves two types of Clients:

  • Fleet owners and operators
  • Automotive service garages
automotive garages vehicle fleet owners hydrogen preventive maintenance clients
ANTISMOG serves two types of Clients: fleet owners and service garages. Image credit: Markus Winkler, Sten Rademaker -unsplash

The business drives for each type of client are different, but certain traits are common, according to the study by National Institute for Statistics and Economic Research (INSEE). Among the common denominators listed as “critical” or “important” were:

  • The potential impact of the climate change debate and policy changes on industrial trends in logistics, automotive, and transport sectors.
  • Rapid technological changes in the industry sectors related to automotive and transportation sectors, and the aspects of adaptation of both the business owners and the workforce.
  • Shift from the traditional reactive maintenance practices to more advanced preventive or even predictive maintenance concepts, in both business and private automotive sectors.

The benefits of hydrogen premix preventive maintenance for fleet clients

The sector of fleet owners and operators is extremely diverse and includes such enterprises as logistics companies, public transport, car rental, equipment rental, including diesel gensets, mechanisms, forklifts, AWPs, and so on, but also municipalities, utility services such as refuse trucks (bin lorries), airports, as well as marine and river transport and tourism companies.

fleet owners operators preventive maintenance hydrogen client
The fleet sector is diverse. Image credit: Pascal Meier -unsplash

For fleet owners and operators, the use of hydrogen-based preventive maintenance technologies brings these tangible benefits:

  • Reduction of harmful emissions
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Reduction of fuel consumption

Measuring the impact of preventive maintenance concept for garage clients

Automotive service garage profiles range from small independent garages to small-to-medium multi-brand service and repair workshops, to large international automotive service garage chains encompassing hundreds and sometimes thousands of franchise establishments

automotive service garage preventive maintenance hydrogen client
For garages, the adoption of hydrogen-based preventive maintenance brings tangible benefits. Image credit: Alexander Schimmeck -unsplash

For garage owners, the use of hydrogen-based preventive maintenance technologies brings these tangible benefits.

  • Increased revenue without additional man-hours
  • Stronger customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Improved high-tech and ecological image resulting in more client visits

To share the best technique examples, in line with ANTISMOG’s open-source environmental best-practice sharing philosophy, the non-confidential technical and operational details of the specific projects are shared as Case Studies.

Both types of ANTISMOG’s clients, the fleet owners and the garage operators benefit from the hydrogen premix powered preventive maintenance tools and techniques. The open-source nature of the ANTISMOG preventive maintenance process allows for easier adoption of hydrogen premix concepts, which in turn benefits clients in all sectors of the economy, from a small independent garage owner to a large international fleet owner-operator franchise.

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