Environmental effect on health: Air pollution and smoke

This review has covered a wide range of environmental health problems. Air pollution often caused by presence of the smoke of the exhaust, infant and adult vulnerability, cytokines related to interleukin-33, thymic stromal lymphopoietin, tobacco smoke and neonates, women, and their families, and perinatal outcomes are among the key results. Cases of patients with asthma […]

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Air pollution and child health: prescribing clean air

Abstract This report summarizes the latest scientific knowledge on the links between exposure to air pollution and adverse health effects in children. It is intended to inform and motivate individual and collective action by health care professionals to prevent damage to children’s health from exposure to air pollution. Air pollution is a major environmental health […]

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Glossary on air pollution

Abstract Most of the terms used in the air pollution literature come from a wide range of disciplines – particularly chemistry, meteorology, physics, and numerous branches of engineering and technology. Added to these are new terms that have been coined solely for use in air pollution work. All too frequently, terms that may appear to […]

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