Hydrogen premix technology has come a long way with miniaturisation, IOT, and AI now built in!

ANTISMOG’s hydrogen premix technology has come a long way. Our customers, as well as our customers’ customers, benefit greatly from the technological developments, such as miniaturisation, that differentiate today’s carbon-cleaning machines from the contraptions of the early days of hydrogen premix. The three innovative concepts pursued by ANTISMOG are Miniaturisation; Additional functionality based on IoT; […]

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Environmental effect on health: Air pollution and smoke

This review has covered a wide range of environmental health problems. Air pollution often caused by presence of the smoke of the exhaust, infant and adult vulnerability, cytokines related to interleukin-33, thymic stromal lymphopoietin, tobacco smoke and neonates, women, and their families, and perinatal outcomes are among the key results. Cases of patients with asthma […]

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