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Initial consultation

The initial consultation is for the organisations curious to know more about using green hydrogen to increase their Revenue and reduce their Costs.

What is the planned outcome?

During the initial consultation, the client and the ANTISMOG team discuss the feasibility of achieving the three main objectives: reduction of emissions, reduction of maintenance costs, and reduction of fuel consumption.

At the end of the consultation, both parties will have a high level of confidence in terms of the feasibility of hydrogen-boos technology to be successfully applied to the client’s fleet.

Additionally, a high-level roadmap is presented, reviewed, and adjusted to best suit the client’s particular situation.

What is the format?

The format of the initial consultation is an informal, open discussion, in the form of a mix of presentation material, a question-and-answer session, and a roundtable dialogue. All topics are on the table: technical, commercial, legal, etc.

The initial consultation is conducted over a video call via GoogleMeet or Zoom or a similar service.

An on-site meeting to conduct the initial consultation is also possible, at the client’s request, subject to prior arrangements.

What information is required?

To make the initial consultation efficient for both the client and the ANTISMOG team, minimum information is required upfront.

Firstly, some clarity on the client’s objectives is expected. The objectives could be focused on the reduction of exhaust fumes from existing diesel engines, or reducing NOx emissions, or both.

A reduction of the CO2 footprint is often expected and is closely linked to the projected reduction of the fuel consumption from the client’s fleet.

Furthermore, the client’s expectations of reduction of OPEX, and the possibility of delaying CAPEX, are to be captured during the discussion.

Finally, information about the fleet size and fleet composition is required to make the initial assessment of the technology compatibility.

How much does it cost?

The initial consultation is charged at a flat rate of €1,000. The fee includes the preparation work by our experts, an audit of the client’s project prior to and during the call, and a brief written audit summary provided to the client after the meeting.

We often run promotions for our services offerings, please check with your ANTISMOG contact for any current coupon codes, before or during the initial consultation.

Who is participating?

From the client side, it is expected that the project lead or the project initiator coordinates the participation of key individuals.

In a typical scenario, the Environmental Policy Manager, the Environmental and Social Responsibility Lead, or the Open Innovation Manager, in their role of the project initiator, take the lead on the client’s side.

The project initiator may want to engage their Fleet Manager or their Technical Director, to clarify and assist with the more technical aspects of the project.

Project schedule

To assist the client with the project planning, a high-level project overview draft is presented at the initial consultation. The project Gantt chart has enough details to allow the client to anticipate and prepare for the activities linked to the environmental action plan.

The draft project plan then becomes a starting point for the actual project execution activities, if the plans materialise. The necessary adaptations and modifications are applied to the document, to reflect the specifics of the client’s project.

Project risk assessment

One of the important topics discussed at this early planning stage is project risk assessment and risk mitigation. ANTISMOG team will share its best practices for risk assessment using experience and materials from previously delivered projects in a variety of sectors: Marine, Mining, Air Transport, Logistics, Automotive, etc.

As with the project planning, the documents reviewed at the initial consultation will become a starting point for the eventual project, should it materialise, with necessary adaptations and modifications to reflect the specifics of the client’s project.

Who is the initial consultation for?

The initial consultation is for the organisations, or private individuals, curious to know more about using green hydrogen to increase their Revenue and reduce their Costs.

For garage owners, fleet owners, municipalities, environmental consultants, climate activists, etc. – anyone interested in hydrogen technology for lower emissions, lower maintenance costs, and improved fuel economy.

What are the next steps?

Once the initial consultation service is purchased, one of ANTISMOG consultants will promptly get in touch with the client, to offer a few dates suitable for both parties.

A self-service fully-automated online scheduling and booking facility is also available for customer convenience.

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