BN-1.12 hydrogen-boost and NOx reduction kit
installation hydrogen-boost renault master 01
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On-board hydrogen-boost and NOx suppression system BN-1.12

4 995,00

Brings even the oldest, most tired engines back to life. Knocks the NOx right down.

Reduces fuel consumption. Keeps engine, catalyst, EGR valve, and DPF clean.

Most vehicles pollute below Euro-6 standard after the upgrade (including the NOx values).


Full-auto plug-and-play installation with all parameters auto-configured by the controller.

Fully automatic auto-adjusting PWM regulator. All parameters are calculated internally at system boot based on engine state and ambient conditions at startup.

Water- and dust-resistant controller. Airtight stainless steel electrolyser cell and airtight shatter-resistant gas dryer.

No moving parts. Low electrolyser plates wear rate. Oversized electrical components to easily override electrical and temperature shocks.


Easy installation of the kit. Adaptability to all types of engines and electrical systems. Only basic mechanical skills are required.

Auto-adjustable parameters. Consistent installation results by authorised garages, or by the client, every time.

Can be installed under the bonnet and adapted to a typical automotive exploitation regime.

Lifetime warranty for the electrolyser cell.


  • HHO cell
  • Distilled water tank with built-in high-precision pump
  • HHO controller with PWM (pulse-width modulation) regulation
  • HHO gas moisture stripper (bubbler)
  • Set of cables
  • Set of hoses
  • Set of mounting brackets and supports
  • Electrolyte KOH flakes
  • Dosing syringe
  • Installation Instruction Diagram and User Manual


  • Electrolyte low level warning (light and audio)
  • Electrolyte low level safety shut down
  • Distilled water low level warning (light and audio)
  • Motor turning indicator
  • Motor stop safety shutdown
  • Fire arrestor in line
  • Cell fully tested for explosion containment
  • Working temperature range -10 / +60 deg C


  • Start
  • Stop
  • Emergency Stop
  • HHO production rate
  • Alarms and warning indicators
  • Auto OFF
  • Electrolyte quality control


  • 2-year warranty for the kit components (excluding consumables)
  • Lifetime warranty on the electrolyser cell
  • Fully insured by Allianz


  • Payment options:
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Cheque
  • Cash


  • Advance payment required
  • Delivery term 4-6 weeks after receipt of payment
  • Free shipment within the EU 27 states + Switzerland + the UK
  • Shipment to other destinations quoted separately at the time of order

Causes of engine carbon buildup and benefits of hydrogen-boost

Common causes of carbon deposits

  • Poor quality fuel
  • Prolonged driving in start-and-stop traffic
  • Prolonged idling
  • Short journeys with a cold engine
  • Overconsumption of lubricating oil (oil in fuel)
  • Worn our fuel injectors
  • Lack of DPF regeneration, or incomplete DPF regeneration sequence

Benefits of hydrogen-boost technology

  • Smoother running engine
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased engine longevity
  • Lower emissions
  • Lower running costs (elimination of problems with EGR valve, catalyst, DPF)

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