Carbon-cleaning of a police vehicle πŸš“

Carbon cleaning of a municipal police vehicle using ANTISMOG C-600 machine: engine, EGR valve, DPF, all return to almost “as-new” conditions!

What can cause carbon deposits, particularly for the police vehicles, and how can this problem be addressed?

Common causes of carbon deposits

  • Prolonged driving in start-and-stop traffic
  • Cold starts
  • Short journeys with a cold engine
  • Variation in quality of fuel
  • Overconsumption of lubricating oil (oil in fuel)
  • Worn out fuel injectors

How can hydrogen carbon-cleaning help in case of carbon deposits?

  • Smoother running engine
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased engine longevity
  • Improved engine torque and power
  • Lower emissions

Benefits of carbon cleaning of a police vehicle

  • Maximum equipment utilisation and return-on-investment ratios.
  • Pay-as-you-go smart billing. Flexible contract.
  • Transparent and credible demonstration to the Client of the benefits of the hydrogen treatment.
  • Flexibility to treat engines that are distributed.

Relevance to ANTISMOG

This innovative preventive maintenance process is relevant to ANTISMOG’s clients, because ANTISMOG is an open-source process to reliably measure and reduce air pollution from combustion engines.

Air pollution from combustion engines is a significant cause of human diseases, suffering, and premature deaths. While the transition in Mobility and Energy sectors towards low-emission technologies is on-going, ANTISMOG offers a practical, transparent and replicable process, build entirely with solutions available today.

Some of ANTISMOG’s products that help reduce air pollution from combustion engines are B-1 and C-600 hydrogen premix devices. The hydrogen-based technology can be applied to most combustion engines in operation today, as a one-off treatment or as a permanent retrofit installation.

ANTISMOG’s process is a simple, open-source workflow, designed to reliably measure and reduce the exhaust emissions.

  • Determine baseline emissions;
  • Remove carbon deposits from the internals of the engine and the exhaust with hydrogen;
  • Permanent or preventive fuel enhancement with hydrogen;
  • Quantify the effect of the treatment and modifications;

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Carbon-cleaning of a police vehicle πŸš“

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