What is the process of the initial setup of ANTSIMOG C-600 carbon-cleaning machine?

ANTISMOG C-600 hydrogen carbon-cleaning machine allows automotive garages and service workshops generate additional revenue, while helping the vehicle owners reduce harmful emissions, control maintenance costs, and improve fuel economy. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for the equipment setup on-site.

The three simple steps to set up the machine when it is delivered to the client are:

  • Prepare the electrolyte
  • Fill in the machine’s electrolyser cell
  • Configure the Wi-Fi connection

Electrolyte preparation

💡  NOTE: You may receive the electrolyte already premixed. If your electrolyte came as a premixed solution, feel free to skip this section, or keep it for future reference in case you need to mix your own electrolyte.

To prepare the electrolyte, mix 14.5 litres (3.8 Gallons US) of distilled water with 2 kg (4.4 lbs) of high-purity potassium hydroxide (KOH) flakes. Add the KOH flakes to the distilled water slowly, while constantly mixing the solution. The resulting solution will heat up.

⚠️ ATTENTION! Always pour the distilled water in a suitable reservoir FIRST, then add KOH flakes. Reversing the order may cause an uncontrolled violent chemical reaction.

🥽 WARNING: The KOH flakes and the KOH water solution (electrolyte) are corrosive. The solution vapours may cause nose and throat irritation if inhaled. The liquid electrolyte may cause burns if comes in contact with skin. When preparing the electrolyte, ensure the work area is well ventilated, and use standard lab personal protective equipment (PPE): lab coat, long trousers, fully enclosed footwear, suitable eyewear and rubber gloves.

➡️  For further details about the electrolyte preparation follow this guide ➡️

How to prepare the operating electrolyte for the hydrogen carbon-cleaning machine?

Filling in the electrolyser cell

💡  NOTE: The machine may be delivered already filled with electrolyte. If your machine came pre-filled, feel free to skip this section, or use it as a reference for when you need to drain and refill the electrolyser cell, as part of the maintenance schedule.

Open the small door on the back of the machine, unscrew the black plug covering the top opening of the electrolyser tank, insert the calibrated funnel into the opening, and carefully pour the electrolyte. Hand-tighten the black plug to firmly close the electrolyser cell top opening.

Electrolyser cell top opening
Electrolyser cell top opening

⚠️ ATTENTION! When closing the electrolyser cell top opening, hand tighten the plug, do not use tools.

When pouring the electrolyte into the hydrogen cell, always use the calibrated funnel, or the calibrated syphon hose, provided in the kit. This will slow down the rate of flow of electrolyte, allowing the air to escape from the cell’s top opening, and prevent the cell overflow.

Use the calibrated funnel when filling the electrolyser cell - C-600
Use the calibrated funnel when filling the electrolyser cell – C-600

⚠️ ATTENTION! Use the calibrated funnel, provided with the machine, to fill the electrolyser cell.

Wi-Fi configuration

Depending on the model, your carbon-cleaning machine may be equipped with a data logger and a remote license management system. The Wi-Fi module enables these additional functionalities:

  • Usage of the equipment in a pay-per-use contract;
  • Remote and local access to machine work schedule and activity reports;
  • Remote equipment diagnostics;
  • Over-the-air firmware updates;

The carbon-cleaning machine Wi-Fi module can be configured using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer, by performing the steps listed below.

Open the ‘Wi-Fi’ or ‘Network’ configuration settings applet on the smartphone, tablet, or laptop, to scan for available networks and select the hotspot network SSID name (the default factory setup network name is ‘ANTISMOG’).

When prompted for a password, enter the hotspot access password (the default factory setup password sequence is ‘12345678’).

If the configuration applet does not open automatically, open the browsers program application and manually enter the machine’s IP address: ‘’.

Machine configuration Home Page screen
Machine configuration Home Page screen

Click on ‘Configure the wifi connection’ link.

A list of available wireless networks will be displayed under the heading ‘WLAN list (refresh if any missing)’.

Select the required wireless network by clicking on the name of the network, enter the password in the window below the network name, and click ‘Connect/Disconnect’ button.

Wi-Fi configuration screen
Wi-Fi configuration screen

Wi-Fi configuration Home Page example with server connection confirmation
Wi-Fi configuration Home Page example with server connection confirmation

Once the connection with the selected network is established, click ‘return to home page’.

A ‘Server connection: OK’ message confirms that the link between the machine and the server database has been established.


The three key activities to perform after receiving the hydrogen carbon-cleaning machine:

  • Mix 14.5 litres of water with 2 kg of KOH flakes – first water, then flakes!
  • Fill the machine with electrolyte – use the calibrated funnel, hand tighten the cup.
  • Connect the machine to Wi-Fi – use smartphone, tablet, or computer – point to address in the browser.

➡️  For further details about filling up the machine using the syphon method, watch this instructional video  ➡️

Filling the C-600 with electrolyte instructional video

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