What is the process of the initial setup of ANTSIMOG C-600 carbon-cleaning machine?

ANTISMOG C-600 hydrogen carbon-cleaning machine allows automotive garages and service workshops generate additional revenue, while helping the vehicle owners reduce harmful emissions, control maintenance costs, and improve fuel economy. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for the equipment setup on-site. The three simple steps to set up the machine when it is delivered to the client [...]Read MoreCategory: FAQTagged , , ,

How to prepare the operating electrolyte for the hydrogen carbon-cleaning machine?

To gently remove carbon deposits from the inner surfaces of the combustion engine, catalyst, EGR valve, DPF, and other exhaust components, ANTISMOG machine generates large amounts of hydrogen and oxygen gas mix. The hydrogen-oxygen mix is produced from water, using the electrolysis process. The ANTISMOG machine requires good quality electrolyte for its electrolyser cell to […]

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