B-1 controller installed 👩‍🏭 and operational

The mighty PWM controller is fully installed, connected to the 12 V battery power, control signals, and the electrolyser cell. No tuning by the installer is required. All configuration of the B-1 kit is performed automatically at the first start and adjusted in full-auto mode during the normal operation.

B-1.12 HHO Gas Generator is a powerful electrolysis system, designed to improve the combustion process of the fossil fuel engine. It is delivered as a kit for installation by the User. The equipment is CE LVD certified. Suitable for internal combustion engines of up to 8 litres displacement.

Brings even the oldest, most tired engines back to life.

Reduces fuel consumption. Keeps engine, EGR valve, and DPF clean.

Most vehicles pollute below Euro-6 standard once the controller is installed after the upgrade.

The benefits of the installed controller:

Easy installation of the kit. Adaptability to all types of engines and electrical systems. Only basic mechanical skills are required.

Auto-adjustable parameters. Consistent installation results by authorised garages, or by the client, every time.

Can be installed under the bonnet and adapted to a typical automotive exploitation regime.

Lifetime warranty for the electrolyser cell.

Some of the features are:

Full-auto plug-and-play installation with all parameters auto-configured by the controller.

Fully automatic auto-adjusting PWM regulator. All parameters are calculated internally at system boot based on engine state and ambient conditions at startup.

Water- and dust-resistant controller. Airtight stainless steel electrolyser cell and airtight shatter-resistant gas dryer.

No moving parts. Low electrolyser plates wear rate. Oversized electrical components to easily override electrical and temperature shocks.

Controller B-1 installed 👩‍🏭 and operational

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