Progress in emissions reduction and new product introduction

To our Stakeholders, thanks for your guidance, your wisdom, and your material support during 2021. Here are some quick figures to recap the progress made by ANTISMOG team during the year, quantified and measured in terms of documented reduction of emissions, recognised customer success, and delivered new product introduction (NPI) activities:

Customers achieved emissions reduction milestones

On the Customer side, we helped 20+ large clients to reduce their carbon footprint by a grand total of 592 tons of CO2, which is equivalent to planting 22 thousand trees, which in turn is equivalent to a forest the size of 187 football fields!

All of our clients have active environmental and climate policies that guide their operational activities from the perspective of reducing waste, process streamlining and optimisation, and emissions reductions. One of the best examples of such action is quoted below:

The Aéroports de la Côte d’Azur Group announced, 20 years ahead of its original schedule, its commitment to no longer emit a single gram of CO2 at any of its three airports. This unique pairing of the environment and the future is based on a clearly defined agenda which, with each action, and as technical opportunities become available, will be openly released to the public.

Flagship project recognised for emissions reduction

Our most rewarding experience was helping the Nice Airport to become the first French airport to reach the coveted Level 4+ environmental label. Their official press release is here, and our technical report is here.

The Airport Group has been committed to the independent Airport Carbon Accreditation programme. In 2018, the group successfully achieved Level 3+ Neutrality first and ambitiously set itself new goals. Thus, in 2021, the Group’s airports were the first in France to enter the transition phase of the ACA program, the last stretch before net zero emissions.

New product introduction delivers

On the R&D NPI front, in 2021 we launched 4 new products, including the latest addition to the product family, the BN-1. The BN-1 not only reduces the Particulates in the exhaust, just like its cousin the B-1, by a minimum of 80%, but also reduces the formation of NOx at the same time, by at least 75%. Based on the level of interest in the BN-1, we have big plans for it, as well as other new additions to our product line in 2022.

ANTISMOG remains focused on the new product introduction process as the main competitive advantage in our relentless pursuit of emissions reduction to achieve cleaner urban air.

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