Garages capitalise on the benefits of hydrogen premix technology fully unlocking the preventive maintenance concept

The carbon-cleaning service offering was launched in 2021, with the idea of sharing widely the benefits of hydrogen premix technology with the Mobility sector. The early adopters among garage mechanics took the concept on board and partnered with ANTISMOG to offer this innovative service to their clients. Based on the feedback from 150+ garages in […]

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Hydrogen will help Saudi Green Initiative reduce CO2 footprint by 109 tonnes – equivalent to planting over 4000 trees every year!

The positive impact of ANTISMOG hydrogen premix technology is most pronounced when a large fleet of heavy machinery, such as the mechanisms used in the oil&gas industry in Saudi dunes, is subjected to a robust preventive maintenance routine using ANTISMOG open-source 4-step process. Hydrogen technology is at the focus of the Saudi Green Initiative. In […]

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B-1 controller installed 👩‍🏭 and operational

The mighty PWM controller is fully installed, connected to the 12 V battery power, control signals, and the electrolyser cell. No tuning by the installer is required. All configuration of the B-1 kit is performed automatically at the first start and adjusted in full-auto mode during the normal operation. B-1.12 HHO Gas Generator is a […]

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Progress in emissions reduction and new product introduction

To our Stakeholders, thanks for your guidance, your wisdom, and your material support during 2021. Here are some quick figures to recap the progress made by ANTISMOG team during the year, quantified and measured in terms of documented reduction of emissions, recognised customer success, and delivered new product introduction (NPI) activities: Customers achieved emissions reduction […]

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Electric Load Influence on Performances of a Composite Plant for Hydrogen Production from RES and its Conversion in Electricity

The analysis here presented investigates the influence of electrical load on the operational performances of a plant for hydrogen production from solar energy and its conversion in electricity via a fuel cell. Results allow interesting conclusions regarding the plant operation to be drawn. The study could have a remarkable role in supporting further research activities […]

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