Emissions reduction technology at firefighters congress

ANTISMOG team demonstrated its emissions reduction technology at the yearly Firefighters’ Congress in Marseille. In addition to reducing the risk for the personnel from Particulates and NOx in the ambient air, the firefighters and ambulances users appreciated the reduced maintenance costs and lower downtime rates, due to reduced EGR valve and DPF failures.

Our partner and authorised installer for firefighters, ambulances, roadwork service vehicles, and other similar fleet applications, to promote the practical aspects of the emissions reduction technology, is TIB CARROSERIE in Dreux, France.

The systems offered for the consideration of the firefighters’ workshop managers and ambulances fleet managers are B-1 embedded hydrogen-boost system and C-600 stand-alone preventive maintenance HHO machine.

Most powerful and fully adjustable hydrogen gas production is what sets ANTISMOG equipment apart. Being able to fully control the gas production from 0 to 600 litres per hour allows the workshop mechanic to select the optimal carbon-cleaning procedure for a vehicle, based on the engine displacement and the level of carbon deposits.

In addition to the stand-alone carbon-cleaning machine, the embedded B-1 HHO Gas Generator is a powerful electrolysis system, designed to improve the combustion process of the fossil fuel engine. It is delivered as a kit for installation by the User. The equipment is CE LVD certified. Suitable for internal combustion engines of up to 8 litres displacement.

About the event. The national congress of firefighters of France in 2021 took place in Marseille at Parc Chanot on an innovative territory, in an exceptional setting where all the assets of the Bouches-du-Rhône department gathered. It was not only a highlight for the 250,000 firefighters in France but also a landmark event for the national civil security project. A project under the aegis of the National Federation of Firefighters of France, led by the association « Organizing Committee of the 127th National Congress of Firefighters of France ».

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